Welcome to Arena Bjuröklubb
We operate in one of Skellefteå's most visited excursion destinations. Bjuröklubb is a beautiful nature reserve with a long history. Here you can eat, live and experience nature.

Hike in Bjuröklubb!

The Bothnian Archipelago has compiled a list of hiking trails in the Bothnian Archipelago: Swedish, English. See also their guide to 100 pearls in the Gulf of Bothnia! Swedish - English.

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Arena Bjuröklubb is part of Västerbotten Experience. This means that the organisation has undergone a sustainability analysis according to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council's criteria for sustainable tourism and entered into an agreement with Region Västerbotten Turism to develop its sustainability work based on these. Read our sustainability policy here.

Arena Bjuröklubb ran a development project in local food craft in collaboration with Skellefteå Älvdal and the EU in 2021. The purpose of the project was to promote local entrepreneurs and food artisans who, in collaboration with the association Arena Bjuröklubb, increase accessibility and interest in local products and our cultural heritage. The county board in Västerbotten and Skellefteå municipality has had two projects in the past, in 2010 and 2005 with the aim of developing the area. As part of the project, Arena Bjuröklubb also produced one introduction plan for young people we hire for work.



Every season, Arena Bjuröklubb arranges activities such as hikes, performances and music!


Skellefteå orienteering club organizes the Naturpasset orienteering loop in Bjuröklubb as usual. There are two maps, and 20 controls. The maps are available for purchase at Café Fyren

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Bjuröklubb's lighthouse
The lighthouse keeper's residence
The basic tax
Hymn grave
The herring sheds
Bjuröklubb's chapel