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Rules of conduct in the nature reserve

Bjuröklubb is a nature reserve, which means that you as a visitor also have a responsibility. It is permitted to set up a tent and set up the caravan at the swimming area, in all other places it is forbidden to camp. In order to preserve the unique place, we need help in perpetuating the knowledge about what it means to stay at a nature reserve like Bjuröklubb:

  • Leave all vegetation and dead trees and shrubs untouched. It is not suitable, for example, to travel with all-terrain vehicles over the cobblestone fields and beaches or to play paintball in these areas! It damages sensitive lichens and other plants.
  • Respect wildlife, for example do not go near bird nests.
  • Keep the dog on a leash.
  • Avoid moving unnecessarily on the cobblestone fields, it is a very sensitive type of nature. NOTE: Absolutely forbidden to move around or "build" with stones on the cobblestone fields, the sensitive lichen will be damaged!
  • Keep nature clean, leave no trash behind.
  • Be wary of all the relics, they can be easily razed.

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Become a member

The association has about ninety members, most of whom have some connection to Bjuröklubb or Lövånger. As a member, you have member benefits, for example a discount on overnight accommodation, and you are invited to member meetings.

If you want to be part of our work in developing Bjuröklubb, you are most welcome as a member!

This is how you become a member
Deposit SEK 100 into Föreningen Arena Bjuröklubb's bank giro for each year you wish to be a member:
5354-6719 (Handelsbanken)
State your name and address in connection with the deposit.

Swisha SEK 100 to number: 123 500 0781
Enter your e-mail address in connection with the deposit.

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